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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The flood gates are opening...

Associating with highly creative and successful people is definitely beginning to have its effect. Only a few days ago I was contemplating the fact that I haven't written a book in ages and that I really should do something about it. This morning, I have so many ideas, I feel a bit daunted by figuring out what to work on first. Here is a tentative idea list (sure to undergo many modifications) for those of you who follow my writing and other artistic endeavors:

- Complete the third edition of Paris Diaries and publish on CreateSpace. This is a photo book combining my journal entries and articles about Paris with creme de la creme of my Paris photo portfolio.

- Make my Grandfather's Leningrad Blockade journals The Ring of Nine available on CreateSpace and Kindle.

- Write another collection of essays from my days as an exchange student. The tentative tile is Exchange. I think I'll keep it, because it makes one think about currency trading, but is, in fact, about something different altogether.

- Seriously consider Stories for Anastasia - Part II based on the recent reviews. The consensus is, "Good stuff - but not enough" and who am I to argue with my audience?

- Put out more feelers for teaching a self-defense workshop.

- Look for opportunities to do more large pyrography pieces. I only did one, and that was a lot of fun. Sometimes, size matters.

- Continue beefing up Pyrography M inventory.

- Start making a dent in my translation to-do list. I think Thais of Athens is the prime candidate. I also need to re-publish my previous translations with my own illustrations.

Obviously, the full-time job, the continuing home remodeling, blogging and staying in touch with people has to fit in there somewhere as well. So, it's possible that the blog posts might not be as frequent as before. Do not get frustrated - now you know why.

Big thanks to all my readers - I wouldn't have all these ambitions without your continued support and approval. More to come!

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