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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's finally sinking in!

This article is a re-post in my new blog location and comes right on the heels of a fantastic interview with Ben Barry - a fashion designer who actually does work with all kinds of women.

It will probably take years to completely re-vamp fashion advertising to a point where models of truly all shapes and sizes are used to promote all brands across the board. However, there is definitely a slow trickle of more realistic clothing modeling.

An earlier Facebook post by Venus Vision (thank you Michelle), featured a Nordstrom/Calvin Klein model that - while still gorgeous - looks to be a size that more women can relate to.

To Michelle's question what we thought of the model, we - the readers - replied enthusiastically, "Look - a normal healthy beautiful girl!" Of course, with my ever-present need to be a smartypants, I had to point out that Universe didn't collapse onto itself as a result of a major brand using a model whose size was more representative of the average population, so the other clothiers could rest assured - it is perfectly safe. The really great part about it was that this model was used in a regular - not plus size - section. And - wouldn't you know it - what she was wearing looked a lot more attractive, comfortable and like something I could get for myself and know it wouldn't look like crap on me after looking good in the pictures.

My sincere hope is that Calvin Klein continues with this trend and employs more models of different heights, shapes and sizes. Below are a few more sellers that appear to be finally getting the idea! Granted, some of their models are still of the "standard" super-tall, super-skinny, protruding collarbones appearance. However, they are not all like that - so there is definitely hope!

Soft Surroundings

The mantra "My time. My place. My self." is finally beginning to reach out to more "selves" by not only offering regular, tall, and petite clothes in sizes ranging from 2 to 18, but also by showing their lovely wares on models that represent these sizes.


The seller of high-quality old-fashioned clothing replicas, Recollections has been using a wide range of models for ages. Nobody noticed, because of the specialized nature of this company's products, which is a shame - maybe the other clothiers would have gotten a clue sooner, had they bothered to read the rave reviews from the Recollections' customers.

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, it is quite possible to incorporate old-fashioned pieces into contemporary outfits. With Recollections, you can do both that and support a clothier who does its best to appeal to daughters, mothers and grandmothers.

Victorian Trading

Not only does this seller offers gorgeous old-fashioned clothing that can be incorporated into a modern closet, it is also not afraid to break the size and the age barriers when it comes to its models. Unlike the creators of the recent scandalous Twiggy Olay ad, Victorian Trading photographers obviously don't think that these women need their faces drastically altered to appeal to the young and to fool the old. The models are still lovely and stylish - but they still look like someone we might meet on the street, like someone we can relate to.

Happy dressing, everyone! Love your shape, love your face, love your age, love yourself!

Images courtesy Nordstrom, Soft Surroundings, Recollections, Victorian Trading

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Sonja said...

I'm so glad to see things changing at last. Hope it keeps up!