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Friday, January 22, 2010

Look book - must wear red

I love red. Yes, I wear lots of different colors, but red is definitely going to be my first love - now and forever till death do us part. So, on days like today, when weather turned miserable and I was anticipating some work-related challenges, I simply had to wear red to keep my spirits up.

The top is a one-piece from Chadwick's of Boston. The jeans are from Soft Surroundings - one of maybe three companies that have some notion of how to make pants for women with a clearly defined waist and clearly defined hips. Now, I have a big tush - there are no if's or but's about it (pun intended). So, I generally avoid pants with much ornamentation around that area. But these were so otherwise perfect that I decided to take a plunge and get them anyway - despite the rhinestones on the left back pocket. Surprisingly, they worked very well, and the little bit of ornamentation simply made them that much better as dress jeans.

The earrings are from Target, as are the calf-high black slouch boots. I have also worn these jeans with black high-heel oxfords, and they work really well in keeping that long lean line - no mean feat considering how short I am.

All in all? Super-comfy, but not sloppy - just the way I like my casuals!

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