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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look book - ruffles!

I have been looking for an excuse to test-drive my new Soft Surroundings dress slacks. Being someone who is smaller on top and bigger on the bottom, finding the pants that fit my waist and my hips requires degree in anatomical geometry (yes, I just made that up). Fortunately, Soft Surroundings understands the plight of women like me and carries pants that actually work with both the waist and the hips measurements.

After some consideration, I finally decided to pair it up with the little bit of luxury that is my peau de soie ruffled top from Macy's. There are very few things that I buy from actual stores, and this is one of them - when I tried it on, it felt so comfortable and looked so pretty, I simply couldn't resist. (That - aside from the fact that I haven't bought a piece of clothing in a brick-and-mortar store and not on clearance in about two years by that point.) I have worn this top in all seasons (it's really awesome during the hot summer months) and for all reasons. Raw silk is one of the lightest and coolest fabrics in existence, which is what makes this piece so versatile. And besides, I love the ruffles!

The bracelet is actually not a bracelet - it's a three-strand freshwater-pearl necklace with an ornate clasp - a gift from a friend from Moscow. I wear it as a necklace, of course, but used it as a bracelet today, because as a necklace it would have made things on top too busy.

The shoes are brown granny boots I found - where else - on eBay.


Sonja said...

I have the same challenge with pants. J.Jill pants work well for me though. Thanks for letting me know that Soft Surroundings also takes womanly curves into consideration.

Love the ruffles and how you wore the necklace as a bracelet!

Maria K. said...

Sonja, do J Jill garments come in petite? I should check them out. Another good source of "curvy" pants are Not-Your-Daughter's-Jeans and Travel Smith.