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Monday, January 11, 2010

Look book - lazy day classy casual

It is possible to put together a nice look, even when feeling a bit sluggish. Who cares if it only took you five minutes? This is when your trusty core garments really come to the rescue. In this case the core is my Coldwater Creek dress. It is very dark midnight blue, but looks black against brighter colors. I have worn it every way imaginable - dressy with fishnets, heels and some serious sparkle; casual with knee-high low-heel brown boots and a brown suede jacket; or - like today with dressy boots and a soft sweater for a kind of soft-edge business look.

The sweater is from Travel Smith. I've had it for ages - it was a Christmas gift from Gerry all the way back when we just started dating. The multicolored irregular stripes make it wearable over anything. Both these pieces are fantastic for travel almost year-round - they fold nice and small and don't show any wrinkles.

The boots are calf-height slouchies from Target. As many of my favorite things, they are highly multifunctional and go equally well with jeans and with business attire.

Somehow I managed to not wear any jewelry. Oh, well... The look in general was bright enough to not require any more razzle-dazzle. I just let my pretty new wedding ring do the talking.

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