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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look book - office vintage

Today's look goes quite well with the vintage wear blog. The dress was a gift from an elderly friend who was cleaning out her wardrobe and gave me some of her lovely late 1950's - early 1960's pieces. Aside from the fact that I adore vintage in general, I love this particular dress because of the very interesting fabric. It's plaid cotton in shades of dark bluish green and gray with tiny little nubbins on it. Because of this unique texture, the dress shows a lot fewer wrinkles as the day progresses - a big plus for a long day at the office.

Because of the high neckline, the hair had to go up to make the most of my not very long neck. I did what is known as the "pretty pony" or "sophisticated pony" - essentially a pony tail where a strand of hair is wrapped around and pinned underneath to hide the elastic.

To brighten up the dark tone of the dress, while keeping with the understated look, I picked small but sparkly jewelry: sterling silver blue topaz earrings, marcazite blue topaz flower pin and Victorian bracelet watch. The earrings are a bit short for me, but I couldn't go with anything too dangly - again, because of the high neck of the dress.

In the vintage blog, I mentioned that a great pair of shoes can come from the most unexpected places. These fantabulous high-heeled tweed Maryjanes came from Wal-Mart of all places. I think I ran out for a minor grocery run and just happened to pass the shoe aisle - and there they were. They are a bit tall, but very well-structured with plenty of support. I wear them with a lot of my vintage stuff, because the wide straps and the tweed pattern fit right in.

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