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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today I love... to stretch my arms and legs and wiggle my tush

Telecommuting is not fun and games. True, one doesn't have to spend the time in traffic or be stuck in a cubicle. However, for some reason employers assume that the time saved by not having to drive ought to be spent working, and pile on the work accordingly, which frequently adds up to some long workdays.

That said, there are some things one definitely can't do at the office: petting one's cat or dog while facilitating a conference call, for example, having lunch with one's spouse (if the spouse happens to work from home as well), or dancing around for a bit of exercise. Somehow, corporate workplace just doesn't lend itself well to dancing and besides, there is that whole thing about "corporate image". Whatever it is, apparently dancing just doesn't fit in with it.

Well, corporate image be damned, I love dancing. It and walking are the two oldest and easiest exercises known to mankind. Besides, it's a lot more fun, when you know nobody is watching. :-) So, I pulled a few things together to use when I have a few minutes to move around. Below is the list of my dancing favorites - please feel free to borrow the ideas for your own playlist or comment with your favorites.

Made in England (Elton John, Made in England)
Pink (Aerosmith, Nine Lives)
Plaisir de Ton Corps (Garou, Seul)
River of Dreams (Billy Joel, River of Dreams)
Old Friend (Elton John & Nik Kershaw, Duets)
When I Think About Love... (Elton John & P.M. Dawn, Duets)
Freedom (George Michael, Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael)
These Are the Days of Our Lives (Queen, Classic Queen)
Latitude (Elton John, Made in England)
Passe Ta Route (Garou, Reviens)
What a Good Boy (Barenaked Ladies, All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001)
Water of Life (David Arkenstone)
Pendant Que Mes Cheveuc Poussent (Garou, Reviens)
Je Suis le Même (Garou, Garou)
Full Circle (Aerosmith, Nine Lives)
Original Sin (Elton John, Songs From the West Coast)

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