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Monday, February 15, 2010

Look book - more non-slouchy casuals

I have written on the subject a lot: casual clothes need not be ugly, shapeless, worn out, or denim. Really, it is not a prerequisite. It is also a fact that looking good and being comfortable are not mutually exclusive. I wanted to share today's look because I thought it would illustrate the concept well.

Today is my laundry day, which means a lot of carrying stuff around and being on my feet, so comfort is essential. At the same time, I have no desire to look like crap just because I am doing laundry. I still want to smile when I look in the mirror. If you think about it, this is still just your basic t-shirt-and-khakis deal. The difference is that the t-shirt is fitted and the shape that flatters me (v-neck) and the khakis are flat-front and not tapered at the ankles.

Before you ask, none of these pieces are designer anything. In fact, come to think of it, this is the least expensive look I've ever put together. The t-shirt is from Howl at the Moon piano bar in San Antonio, TX. I bought it when I was still working technology projects and went to Texas for an implementation. Good times...

The khakis are - I am sorry to say - from Wal Mart. I generally don't like Wal Mart much, but there are not many other stores that sell pants in short length and of the right shape for me. The boots are from Goodwill. The belt is from a small hiking goods store in Tryon, NC (we went there for our second wedding anniversary). The jacket was a Christmas gift from a friend, and she bought it on eBay (what would we do without eBay). The earrings were free with a purchase from a small shoe store on St. George's Street in St. Augustine, FL (they actually have sandals that fit me!).

The verdict - comfy for a day of chores, but still fun, stylish and inexpensive.


Fiona said...

I looove your clothes-related posts, I haven't found anything else like them. A real person wearing real clothes - so accessible for the rest of us! Great job and btw I love the jacket!

Maria K. said...

Thanks Fiona! And I am definitely getting some major mileage out of this jacket. :-)

There is another American blog with lots of fabulous ideas and interesting clothing choices - Already Pretty by Sally McGraw (www.alreadypretty.com). I personally love it, but Sally is a lot more daring than I am when it comes to putting outfits together. I am sort of a "missing link" between the jeans-and-t-shirts people and black-pants-and-white-shirts people and Sally. :-)