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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look book - pretty in pink

"Are you mad?!" you might say, "Pink in the middle of winter?" Well, why not? Yes, pink us a color usually reserved for Easter or for summer, but winter is actually not a bad time to wear it either. Think about it: gray skies, gray trees, gray weather, gray winter coats, gray hats... A splash of pink is definitely in order.

This is not a garish Pepto Bismol pink, might you. This is a delicate pale pink - light enough to brighten things up, but not so pale as to obliterate one's figure. Both the top and the pants are from Chadwick's of Boston. The top is pale pink with pink-and-mocha lace overlay. It's a really good shape for me, because the scoop neckline makes the most of my neck and bust without looking vulgar, and the trim fit allows me to show off my waist, while hiding the tummy, the love handles and the large upper arms behind the lace pattern. The effect is further enhanced by the three-quarter length sleeves that show off my tiny wrists and, thus, create an illusion that my entire arm is delicate and refined.

The bottoms are long floppy palazzo pants in a slightly darker shade of pink. They are nice and stretchy to gently cling around my tush and then float away from it, obliterating my chubby thighs. The length is such that, when worn with a heel, the pant legs go far enough down to keep the others guessing, whether I have long legs or whether I am just pretending.

A word on jewelry. The lacy and - thus - relatively busy-looking top requires that the sparkle be kept simple and elegant. I am wearing my mom's rose gold filigree wedding ring, which works well with the lace, and a rose gold ring and earrings set with alexandrites - also my mom's. Alexandrite is a fascinating gem that changes its color depending on light exposure. It turns bluish-green in natural daylight and pink or purple in the artificial light. In their pink incarnation my earrings and ring go perfectly with this outfit, but even if I happen to be in a naturally-lit environment, the pale blue-green somehow doesn't clash with the pink, so they still work great.


Fiona said...

You look gorgeous! I looooove the jewellery. I think pink and chocolate brown are a wonderful combination and just right for winter.

Maria K. said...

Thank you, Fiona, you are so sweet. I do enjoy using vintage jewelry I have left over from my mom and my grandmothers with contemporary pieces. There is another ring I sometimes wear with this outfit - if I opt for silver instead of gold: it's very heavy old filigree silver with an enamel inlay. The inlay has a pink flower painted against brown background, so also works well.