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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look book - another spin on the LBD

As I mentioned in my recent post on dresses, we really underestimate the versatility of this lovely feminine garment. Considering that finding the right dress can be quite challenging, once we have uncovered such a treasure, we should do our best to find different ways to wear it, so that it doesn't just end up sitting at the back of our closet 90% of the time waiting for that one special occasion.

Here is my favorite little black dress - worn two ways. I bought it at Macy's during one of those insane sales with double and triple discounts. I think it was something like $30. The moment I tried it on, I got a big goofy grin on my face and knew that this baby was for me. It is a true wraparound - no buttons, hooks, or anything like that. Just pull on, wrap, tie the sash and you are ready. This is also a great dress for travel, because it packs really small, hangs up wrinkle-free and can be washed in a sink.

In the first example, I am wearing it for my husband's 20th high school reunion - very prim and proper down to the classic black dress pumps. For a touch of color, I added a red and gold necklace/earrings set from my store. The hair is curled (this is the advantage of having straight hair - you can have a curly day, or a non-curly day) and in a pretty-but-not-too-stodgy half-updo.

And here is the same dress, but worn much more casually - with fishnets and black slouchy calf-length boots (the boots were $20 at Target). I mean, honestly, it's very simple and comfortable and almost completely wrinkle-proof - so why shouldn't I wear it for just a day at work?

The hair is left as nature intended - straight and down - to go with the casual look. And because it's me, there is absolutely no way I would put together an outfit without any jewelry. To keep it playful and interesting, I picked another piece from my store - a jasper necklace from the recently completed Seaside collection.

The dress is a little low-cut for the office, but that can be easily rectified with a safety pin, while letting the elongated pitted shell pendant emphasize the cleavage in a subtle non-vulgar way. And no, I don't think that showing off one's figure is inappropriate in the office environment, as long as it's done tastefully. We are women, for goodness sakes, we have curves, so why should we go to work resembling beige rectangular filing cabinets?


Michelle Cantrell said...

Love the dress! It looks like it was made for you! I've been very happy with my LBD -- the Merona Fit Solutions dress I bought at Target.

Mary Jo said...

Fully agree with Michelle - it was made for you. I can relate to the rare feeling one gets when I try on something and it is exactly what I'm hoping for.