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Monday, March 8, 2010

Look book - emerging from the gloom

Some people save their nice clothes for special occasions. I save them for when I am healthy. I think both are bad habits. You'd be amazed how many of your "after five" pieces (ball gowns and tuxedos aside) can be successfully adapted for "before five" use. As for not dressing up when sick... I honestly don't know where that one came from. Yes, I want to be comfortable, but on the other hand, considering I am already feeling like crap, isn't looking like crap sort of counter-productive?

I have been battling something for almost a week now. First my husband had it and I took care of him and then I went down, and this thing just refuses to go away. Well, after days of dressing in my not-sloppy-but-homey casuals I've had enough. I still feel poorly - there is a frog in my throat and what appears to be a small elephant who seems to have taken permanent residence in my chest. I am loopy from combination of expectorant, decongestant and anti-histamine. This is also my laundry day, when I usually don't wear heels. I DON'T CARE! I woke up hell-bent on dressing up at least a little bit, and that's what I did.

The dress and shoes are both from Target. The dress is super-soft super-comfy cotton jersey in a delicious blue-green color (the picture doesn't do it justice). It's a little high-waisted for me, but not too much so. It hides my perpetual tummy without appearing pregnant and showcases the girls without appearing vulgar.

I think I will need to re-heel these shoes before summer... again. I practically live in them from April till October. They go with everything and are very sturdy without appearing too chunky.

The bracelet and earrings set is from a little shop in Chimney Rock, NC. I've had it for two or three years and have worn it for every occasion imaginable - casual to business to formal. The design is simple, but elegant - with graceful curlicues in the bracelet, the entire thing made stunning by the shades of blue in the abalone inlays. This set is a prime example of why I always love and point others toward jewelry including natural materials. Shell, jasper, malachite, agate and other non-precious stones may not have the dazzling sparkle of the diamond, but they are complex and include many shades - naturally combined, which makes them eminently wearable.

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