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Monday, March 1, 2010

Look book - playfully purple

This is - bar none - my most frowned-upon outfit when I wear it to the office. I suppose the uber-conservative black-suited and shoulder-padded professionals take issue with the patterned tights and a slightly short skirt. I honestly don't care. I love this look, because it is warm, comfortable, and fun - with that much-needed dash of color so many of us miss during the winter months.

The sweater is from Target and wears equally well with skirts, slacks and jeans. I love both the color and the textured look, as well as how soft and snugly it is.

The skirt is gray wool - I bought it on eBay ages ago. It's a huge winter staple for me, especially when I get tired of hiding under long skirts and pants. In addition to high-heel Oxfords (as shown here), I have also worn it with pumps and with knee-high boots - and it always looks great. It's a little short for me - my legs are not the greatest from the knee up, but usually I can ju-u-u-ust get away with it.

The patterned tights are from Dillards. I have two more pairs in black and brown, and I really should go back for more. They are terrific - warm, soft, comfortable and fun to wear. A great option for when you get tired of pants during winter and solid opaque leggings just feel too blah, but it's too cold to wear fishnets. These guys have served me very well all winter under skirts and dresses of all lengths and with all of my boots. They are too thick to wear with pumps, but work fine with just about any autumn or winter shoe.

Because of the busy texture of the sweater, I usually go easy on the bling, but today was Monday and the first day coming back from my birthday vacation, so I needed something extra to cheer myself up. I wore one of my two cocktail rings from the Biltmore Estate - the purple one, naturally!

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