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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look book - St. Patrick's day at the office

Gerry decided that because he was part-Irish, he didn't have to wear green. He still ended up putting together a very nice outfit: red dress shirt with silvery gray tie, dark gray dress slacks, brown ankle boots and textured brown belt. I do love the color combination in this outfit - it is classy and a lot more fun than the usual black pants / blue shirt / black tie thing. The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that the pants are pleated front. Even Gerry with his impeccable figure (there is all of two grams of fat on him, I swear), looks like he is sporting a paunch. So, any guy carrying even a couple extra pounds around the midsection would look pregnant in pants of this style. Stick to flat fronts, gentlemen, it's a much safer bet.

This tie was a bit of an adventure. It came in one of those nice prepackaged color-coordinated shirt/tie sets with a black shirt (and it does look great with it as well) - we bought it somewhere discount, like Ross or T. J. Maxx. Then Gerry cooked while wearing the tie with one of his nicer outfits and managed to splatter some oil on it. We didn't want to have the tie dry-cleaned because for some reason dry-cleaning causes ties to curl or twist. Then Gerry read on line that corn starch can "suck" the oil out of just about anything. It took multiple corn starch applications, with brushings in between so that it could penetrate into the fabric, but the stain completely came out, and this very nice tie was able to return back into circulation. Live and learn...

I am not part Irish - not as far as my multi-national grandparents told me anyway. So, green it was for the day. Well, actually, I pretty much don't care what day it is, but I haven't worn this top in ages and really missed it. ;-) The top is Winter Silks square neck with tone-on-tone embroidery around the neckline and sleeves. I have worn it both with pants and with skirts - it is so soft and comfortable, in addition to being pretty, I just love it. The pants are from Soft Surroundings Outlet and are my favorite pair from about now till October. They become completely indispensable during the dog days of summer because they are very loose and breathable. Unfortunately, they do wrinkle... Oh well, nothing is perfect. The brown suede jacket is a Christmas gift from a friend bought on eBay, which I am wearing the hell out of - love this thing!

The necklace is a long-ago Christmas gift from Gerry - also worn all the time due to it's great versatility. The shoes are from Target - one of maybe three places that sell shoes in my size (5-1/2). These little brown Mary Janes with pleated look around the toes are very comfortable and look great with pants, skirts, dresses - you name it. The heel is two inches but it is a stacked one, expanding toward the bottom, which makes a lot of difference in the amount of support it provides.

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