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Friday, April 16, 2010

Look book - rocking the 1950's "new look"

We have a saying in Russian that all things new are merely well-forgotten things of old. All major mid-price range catalogs admit using the 1950's for inspiration this spring. And why not? The "new look" dress with its nipped-in waist and wide skirt is one of the most forgiving cuts out there - making the most of the narrowest portion of the body, creating the curvy "hourglass" line and camouflaging the more vulnerable areas, such as the (potentially) saggy bottom of the tush and the (sometimes) slightly wobbly thighs, and ending just at the knee, thus showing the legs off to the best advantage.

So, for this particular look... The dress is a faux wrap with a sash from Chadwick's of Boston. The only thing I don't like about it is the side zipper - you may wish to engage a trusty maid or significant other to get into it and make sure the hook-and-eye at the top is closed properly. Otherwise - no complaints. It is very comfortable and light, and the fabric held up very well to the day at the office in terms of wrinkling. The portrait collar is fantastic, because it frames the neck but doesn't hide it, creating an illusion of length and showing off the shoulders.
My favorite part about this dress is the color. The photos don't do it justice. It is rich, saturated coral with shimmery undertones. The weather service really screwed up on the day I wore this dress: they promised 72 and sunny, and it ended up being 58 and cloudy. And while I did end up a bit chilly when walking outside, this bright happy color definitely helped me maintain the spring spirit. And besides, I think I was THE only person at the office not swathed in beige, gray or navy blue - I was definitely NOT going to blend in with the filing cabinets.

Sometimes when I go with a 1950's style dress, I opt for more contemporary quirky jewelry, but this time I decided to do full on "new look" and went with the three-strand fresh water pearl necklace, which was a gift from a friend in Moscow. The shoes are light brown Mary Janes from Target - very comfortable with a nice stacked heel that is sturdy but not chunky. Love it!

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Goddess Lacey said...

Beautiful Maria!!! I love the 50's style!! Very elegant, makes me think of porcelain so beautiful and perfect that if you touch it, it might break. I so wish you lived near me and you could take me shopping!! lmao