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Friday, July 2, 2010

Look book - cool as peau de soie

Silk is an amazing fabric - it keeps you warm in the winter and is the coolest thing to wear in the summer. Another trick to keep cool is to wear pale colors. The lighter the color, the better reflective properties it has, the better it protects you from light and heat of the sun. In addition, the pale colors make the most even of the faintest tan.

This outfit was put together with all of these considerations in mind. The peau de soie ruffle top is cool and comfortable. The fabric is soft and the cut is such that it shows of the figure, but not so tight as to cut into the sunburnt skin and irritate mosquito bites.

The pants are stretch bootcut chinos from Gap I swear by. They are light and comfy and wear like a dream. It took me two hours of intense shopping to find them (when will people start making more clothes to fit petite women!), and I adore them. You know you have a great core wardrobe piece, when you have worn it every way possible and in just about every weather, and it has come through for you every time.

The sandals are dressy ankle-strappies with rhinestone buckles I snatched up on eBay. To compliment that little bit of sparkle, I threw in a patterned rhinestone bracelet from (of all the places) Frederick's of Hollywood.

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