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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look book - modified pony tail

I hate having short hair. Don't get me wrong - I can completely appreciate it on other people, and I know many women who look fantastic with short hair. It's just not me... One year of my adult I had short hair, I completely hated it and grew it back out as quickly as I could.

That said, summer is summer, and wearing my hair down in North Carolina in July is a questionable proposition at best. I am not very fond of a bun - I have broad shoulders and when I wear my hair in a bun, my head looks too small. And the traditional ponytail gets boring after a while. So, I started experimenting with various ways of keeping my hair off my neck while keeping things interesting.

Here is a modified ponytail that gives a slightly fuller look while still keeping the hair out of the way. You can make it as tight or as messy as you want - it still looks good. My favorite version of this is after spending 10 minutes with a large-barrel curling iron to "plump" things up a bit and to make pretty tendrils around the face.

Step 1

Brush out your hair and part the way you normally would.

Step 2

Gather the top portion of your hair as if to make a half-updo and fix it loosely with a rubber band ("ouchless" are divine!)

Step 3

Separate the bottom portion of your hair into two halves and pull them up and around the half-updo. You get a kind of "two-storied" pony tail.

Step 4

Fix the second band with a decorative band or barrette - and you are done!

You can leave it as is, wrap the two tails around each other and pin them up into a loose bun, pin one up and leave one down - try all the different ways and let me know what you came up with. I would love to see photos!

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