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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Book review: "Dancing in the Dark"

Jerome K. Jerome was asked to write a book about places of historic significance along the river Thames and throw in some humor to keep the readers entertained. Instead he wrote a funny book with some bits of the Thames history and geography scattered through. Such is the story of Three Men in a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Dog).

When you read the short description of Dancing in the Dark you may expect a lot of sex with an occasional storyline tossed in. In fact, it is rather the other way around: it is the stories that draw you in, and the rest is just a dab of whipped cream in the cleavage waiting to be slowly licked away.

Make no mistake, the book's title does not lie - it is most certainly an anthology of erotica. However, unlike the standard Penthouse -style fare that often passes for erotica these days, these stories do not rush to get to the sex. The characters and situations vary dramatically from one story to the next. Some of them are pure fantasies, some describe events and relationships that could be happening anywhere to anyone at this very moment, and some tread the line in between.

One thing you realize after reading the first twenty pages is that there is no certainty for you for the rest of the book. There is simply no guarantee whether the next story will present you with an extensive introduction and character development, or plunge you straight into the land of the unconventional, sophisticated, no-holds-barred sensuality and erotic indulgence. Once you are neck-deep in a story, I still would not recommend laboring over where it is taking you - it simply would not do. You are equally likely to be laughing, crying or having an orgasm before you reach the end.

I do not wish to say things like "if you are this type of person, then this book is for you", because I can see it appealing to all kinds of people - even those who might not realize they enjoy erotica. Prudes, sexual moderates, and lusty insatiable souls... Gays, straights and bisexuals... Slow gentle types and wham-bam types... People who have been married for 20 years, constant daters and virgins... All of these and others I could not think of at the moment might find this book appealing.

"Oh, what the hell..." or a similar sentiment is expressed by characters throughout Dancing in the Dark. I suggest assuming the same attitude as you contemplate whether or not to get it. "Oh, what the hell..." Give it a shot. What is the worst thing that could happen if the book doesn't speak to you? You can always give it away, can't you? Give it a shot! Who knows what you might discover. It is a good trouble to be in.


Night Publishing said...

Awesome review, Maria! and so true. It was a fantastic book - every author had something so unique to share.

Steven Jensen said...

Excellent review which really captures this superb book's essence. :)