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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Look book - presentable

A couple of weeks ago I gave a presentation to my extended team. Our dress code hovers somewhere in a gray zone between traditional business attire and business casual. So, I wanted to look professional, but not stodgy. And, of course, it wouldn't be me if I wasn't wearing color.

Instead of a traditional business blouse, I opted for a trimmer more youthful one-piece in red from Chadwick's of Boston (those one-pieces are lifesavers - I just bought two more to stock up). The skirt (also from Chadwick's) is my alternative to a pencil or straight skirt - those just do not look good on me and do not fit right what with my smaller waist and big tush. The cut and length are still very business-like, but the flared hem and the softer brown color make it more feminine.

The shoes are my favorite two-tone peep-toes with a stacked heel from Target. (I SO need to replace those - I am wearing them to death!) The earrings are red enamel and brass chandeliers from Target. The laptop bag is, of course, my fabulous Mango Tango from eBags.

The verdict? Was comfortable all day, including during the presentation, and felt professional, sophisticated and pulled-together.


Zanna Russell said...

I like this look, Maria, and it looks great on you. It is feminine without being in-you-face girlie (not that there's anything wrong with that, generally speaking) or rockin' the "skank ho" look that is often confused with "feminine". Its hem and neck lines are appropriate for business, and the pop of color says you haven't become a corporate drone. BTW - it takes a certain level of self-confidence to wear a color that bold, so kudos to you.

Maria K. said...

Zanna, glad you like it. I think folks should experiment with color more, maybe starting with small things, like colorful accessories or bags, and then working up to building colors into their outfits.

Gordon Kuhn said...

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