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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Look book - how do you like your grape?

Purple and other jewel tones are just as versatile as black, but are often overlooked because too many people won't take the time to figure out what works for them. They assume black works for everyone and go through winter looking pale and washed out, because it doesn't really work for them.

So, in my mission against winter doldrums, I give you yet another shade of purple - jewel grape. The sweater is from Chadwick's of Boston - one of my regular go-to's. Paired not with black, but with nice soft shade of brown, it retains its depth and keeps me from looking sliced in half (as black-and-something pairings tend to do). The brown dress wide-leg pants are from Soft Surroundings.

The boots are soft brown "grannies" with a very supportive heel - very useful for an errand-filled day. The hat is from eBay's fabulous Lori Leigh. The earrings are a Christmas gift from a friend. Please note, when you are working with colors, it is not necessary to match them perfectly, but rather to coordinate. The earrings do not match the shade of purple of the sweater, but they work with it, because they are in the same bluish-purple color group.

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