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Friday, April 8, 2011

Look book - channeling Marilyn

It is not every day that you sell your home of seven years. It is a momentous occasion because, in our case, it marks moving up in the world, because we are moving into a bigger house in a better location. On the other hand, it is also bitter-sweet, as we have definitely put much of our stamp on this place and did a lot of improvements both on the house and the property.

So, for the closing, I wanted to look sharp, but not dowdy to celebrate our new milestone and also to pep myself up a little bit. I picked my bright canary yellow Calvin Klein dress. Don't reel at the designer label - I bought it at TJMaxx for something like $35. The dress is very much in that 1950's "new look" vibe that I like so much and I always feel very pretty and girly in it.

This was my first opportunity to test drive my new satin red shoes - for an additional touch of hotness. As it was too chilly to go bare-legged, I opted for nude-colored textured hose that still provides the coverage, but - thanks to the texture - doesn't look like I wear it for varicose veins.

To tie the dress and the shoes together, I added the fairly large and bold bronze filigree earrings with red crystals.

Overall result? My realtor said it best, "I walked in, took one look at you, and thought - wow, Marilyn Monroe!" No mean feat considering I am not a blonde. ;-)

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