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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look book - warm weather chic

I think we all get a little sloppy as the air temperature goes up. Things are sweaty, sticky, humid (those who live in the American south-east are probably nodding right now), the world suddenly goes from being our runway to our giant frying pan, and all we really want to do is strip naked and stand under a cold shower. Unfortunately, this is not an option even for those of us who work from home - we still have to get out of the shower and get dressed.

So, here is one of my favorite combos for those hot sticky days, especially when I have a lot to do and have to be on my feet a lot. Moms with small kids, please take notice: the entire outfit is washable, easy to move in and works equally well for a quick run to a grocery store, a shuffle on the floor with your three-year old and a lunch with your girlfriend.

The t-shirt is from Hanes and is pure joy for hot weather: very light and breezy. It is also very inexpensive, which is great, because you can get several in different colors. I check Hanes sites and catalogs often, because they have a good split between just your plain basic tees and something more interesting, like this one. I love the peach color, the cute little rosettes in the front and the airy feminine flutter sleeves. My other favorite feature is the generous length, allowing me to wear it tucked in without constantly having to re-tuck it, or out - like a tunic.

The trousers are from Soft Surroundings outlet (that is - bought for about a third of the original price). This is the only part of the look that is a bit high-maintenance, because they are a cotton/linen blend and do require ironing. However, they are so breezy, cool and comfortable - it's really worth it.

The belt is from Coldwater Creek - I wear it with everything: dresses, jeans, tunics, sweaters, you name it.

The shoes are super-comfy ballet flats from Gianni Bini. They are a little high end - it was a splurge after a major closet clean-out. But there are lots of brands of ballet flats out there available for less. They are a great alternative to sneakers and are a little bit more professional than sandals, if you are looking for something to wear to work.

The earrings are from Target and are much like the belt - I have worn them a hundred times with tons of different things and I love them.

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