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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I love... minimum packaging

Moving is a great time to get of the stuff you no longer like. During our broke period, we purchased a few sets of very cheap low-quality bedsheets, and we took an opportunity to cull them out of our linen closet when moving from Kings Mountain, NC to Hendersonville, NC. Unfortunately, that left us with only two sets of sheets - one red, one white - and the constant usage was definitely beginning to show.

Having realized, after a day of laundry, that I was about to exploit one of the two sets again, I packed myself up and went to get two extra sets of sheets. Enter Canopy. Aside from the fact that they come in lovely colors and higher thread counts (like 400, 500, and 600), and that their shams and blankets are designed to coordinate with their bed linens, this particular brand uses a very minimalist approach to packaging its wares.

Most other brands of bedding come either shrink-wrapped or in the zippered plastic pouches with large paper sleeves, that you cannot recycle and that are too flimsy to use for winter storage (as I am sure many of us tried). There is one group of Canopy pillow cases that comes in the zippered plastic bags. But most of their products are sold without any plastic at all.

Each sheet set is packaged into a neat cloth tray with a cloth strap that goes around it and holds the label. The strap has Velcro ends and can be later re-used as a curtain tie-back. The cloth trays work great as drawer separators for small things like socks, unmentionables, and whatever else you have trouble keeping from scattering all over the place.

Pillow cases are packaged similarly, but the cloth tray is a bit smaller and shallower. Still works for holding small random things on a bathroom counter or at the dressing table.

The blankets are simply rolled up and tied with a broad ribbon that also holds the label - no shrink wrap, no pouch, no fuss. Let's face it, most people wash their newly-purchased bedding before using it for the first time anyway. So, the Canopy collection designers figured, why bother with the wasteful and environmentally-unfriendly packaging if you can go the minimal route and use the packaging that can actually serve the purpose later.

I am definitely planning to be on a lookout for more products from this brand - they are thinking in the right direction.

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