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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Short story teaser - The Elemental Birth by Maria K.

The senior Earth elementals watched as the distressed human spirits arrived to the emergency section of the lab. This elemental generation facility was normally overseen by Rhea-Kibela – the chief earth spirit. However, in cases such as this, the other four Seniors joined in to help.

- Sometimes I feel I'll never understand these people, - said Oya, the senior air elemental, - When they are not busy messing up the planet, they keep themselves entertained by killing each other.

- I was a little late. Where is this batch from? - Poseidon, the senior water spirit, hovered closer, having just dispatched a group of apprentice elementals to assist with putting the new arrivals into stasis.

- Norway. Terrorist attack.

Poseidon winced.

- Good place, that. We have recruited some promising folks there. I take it we had some of our own caught up in the fray?

- Oh, yes. The elemental protection only works against natural disasters. We don't have the human idiocy clause, - the senior fire elemental, Beelzebub, said, coalescing into his demon form so that he could shake his head ruefully to emphasize his point.

- I don't know, ladies, how you didn't get frustrated with these humans. I would have either let a nice big earthquake loose on them or just plain quit. - Poseidon turned to Rhea-Kibela and Bina – the two eldest of the chief elementals.

- You did let a nice big earthquake loose, - Bina said, - remember Crete?

- Oh... that...

- Believe me, Posey, they didn't need an earthquake. They were doing a fine job ruining themselves even then, especially when they started offering me blood sacrifices, - Rhea-Kibela whirled in disgust, tightening into a large tornado. - Although, I do rather like the human form they came up with for me – she is juicy, - and she coalesced into a fabulously curvy woman.

Bina, the elemental overseeing all of Earth's living organisms, separated from the group and hovered closer to a row of the stasis pods, pausing between the sixth and the seventh one to examine the contents. She then focused briefly into a human form and beckoned her colleagues.

- Look at this. Do you see the difference between number six and number seven?

Beelzebub peered closer.

- Hey, you are right. The number seven looks... I don't know... too full? Did someone stuff two spirits into one stasis pod? 'Bela, are we out?

- No, B, we have plenty. They seem to be...merged together, but they are clearly two separate spirits.

Bina, still in her human form, reached out and carefully rested her hand against the energy shell containing the two spirits – one half-wrapped around the other.

- Wow, - she turned to the others, her human eyes wide, - That's... a dog.


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