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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sanskrit legend about creation of genders

After making man, the Creator took the rotundity of the moon, the curves of the creeper, the lightness of leaves, the weeping of the clouds, the cruelty of the tiger, the soft flow of fire, the coldness of the snows, and the chattering of the jays and made woman, and presented her to man. After three days, the man came and said to the Almighty, "This woman you have given me chatters constantly, never leaves me alone, requires much attention, takes all my time, cries about nothing and is always idle. I want you to take her back." So the Almighty took her back.

But pretty soon the man came back and said, "She used to dance and sing, and she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and she loved to play; she clung to me when she was afraid, her laughter was like music, and she was beautiful to look upon. Give her back to me again." So the Almighty gave her back to him again.

But three days later he brought her back again and asked the Almighty to keep her. "No," said the Lord, "you will not live with her, and you cannot live without her. You have to get along the best you can."

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