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Monday, October 17, 2011

Manuela Dunn Mascetti on transition to patriarchal society [From "The Song of Eve"]

When the time came in which the Goddess was no longer worshipped, the physical and spiritual aspects of the feminine were declared evil. Societies which had been matriarchal in focus, where agriculture and religion was the primary concerns of life, became patriarchal, led by men for whom commerce, expansion and war were the channels for creativity and for a new psychological imprint which preferred to risk life rather than produce it.

Change in cultural and societal values determined a profound change in religious attitude: man created a male God in his image and established a new doctrine which reflected his beliefs in male supremacy. The Goddess' temples dedicated to love and life were substituted by temples where mankind prepared itself for death and life eternal. Love and sexuality were separated from the body in order to attain spiritual life.

Mary, stripped of all her womanly connotations, became the holy vessel for the holy birth, an ideal all women had to incarnate. Mary may be adored but not worshipped, lest she should become a channel through which the worship of the Goddess may be re-established.

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