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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writer interview - Poppet

Never talk to strangers. Especially when the stranger is an ancient book and it's the one to initiate the conversation. Such is the lesson of Djinn - one of many exciting paranormal adventures by Poppet.

Some of Poppet's writing is a bit hard to follow - she is awfully fond of multiple POVs. But she never fails to deliver a great, spooky, fast-paced read, its associated tradition and mythology meticulously researched and outlined far more thoroughly than one would expect from a horror novel.

We celebrate the equinox and the first day of spring by sitting down with Poppet to pick her mind and see what makes her tick.


What is your favorite virtue? Empathy

Your favorite qualities in a man. Sensitivity, self-confidence, intelligence

Your favorite qualities in a woman. Compassion and the eternal willingness to drop everything to share coffee and cake with her friends.

Your chief characteristic. Defiance

What do you appreciate the most about your friends? They accept me as I am and never make me feel inadequate for my human failings. They champion me in ways that never cease to amaze me.

Your main fault. I speak my mind - without a filter. This is both a virtue and a curse.

Your favorite occupation. Being an author is way up there. If I wasn't I'd be an actress, simply because I love the art of making others fall into imaginary worlds.

Your idea of happiness. Clean sheets, fresh towels, heady blossoms fragrancing the air, the hint of baking bread on the breeze, a kitty purring, while I listen to my headphones lost in the world of creating a new novel, every so often caught by a periwinkle sky and sunshine bathing green leaves beyond the window. Kisses and harsh hugs are way up there too. And laughter - I really really love to laugh. And food! I find joy in the little things.

Your idea of misery. Mental bondage.

If not yourself, who would you be? I'd like to be Jared Leto for a day. And he's a vegetarian too so I wouldn't freak out by the things he eats (well - I hope it's a celibate day). Few people combine art, theology, philosophy, and logic. He does. Plus I'd like to know what it's like to be so talented.

He manages to tell a complete story in 5 minutes. Then he does it again with cinematography. Now I've known musical geniuses, literary geniuses, and mathematical geniuses - but never before have I seen someone apply that all with film and theology. So, how does someone take that leap to apply it. I sat down in front of Premiere for 2 hours and I felt so fucking retarded. What *angle* am I missing mentally that makes this hurdle so darn difficult for me? To have the talent to say what you want to say creatively across mediums like that - dammit I'm jealous. And I only know men men to have done it. What is *it* that I'm missing? I am so horribly impressed with his talent. He made me want to give up. It was that awful moment when you know *you will never ever be this fucking good... ever*. What does that feel like? What's it like being that genius? I try not to compare myself to others because when I do I feel like a hopeless loser in the wannabe queue. When I stop to think about it, I feel like I'll never summit the pinnacle of talent, because God already gave it to Leto and Heather

Your favorite heroes in fiction. Yoda. (that's it. Just the one)

Your favorite heroes in real life. The gracious Heather Killough-Walden. Another vegetarian who also writes about philosophy, theology, and logic. She's not afraid to challenge dogma, and similar to myself she does it by placing it into paranormal romance that melts bones while it reaches minds. I've never known anyone with so many challenges, so hard working, and so giving and selfless. She does everything with grace and poise, the beauty of her personality shines wherever you find her, even when she's having a really bad day she manages to have a bad day with the poise of Catherine Hepburn. This lady makes me humble. She is a friend I am honored to call friend, but I'm also a ridiculous fan of her work. The world will never be a crappy place to live as long as Heather is in it.

Your favorite food and drink.
Gelato and Coffee. Running a close 2nd: Pizza - and 3rd: a huge buttery bowl of popcorn (all to myself)

What is your present state of mind?
I'm rewriting a book, so I'd say anxious.

Your personal motto. Apathy leads to redundancy


Poppet's books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Poppet Author said...

Thank you Maria, this was so much fun!


Sessha Batto said...

an excellent glimpse of a woman I admire greatly for HER many talents - not the least, she got my teenage son to READ BOOKS ;)

Everything czyli wszystko said...

As a sensitive, self-confident and intelligent man - verily, verily I say unto thee: 'What are you wearing to knight, Love?' ;o)