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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Look book - Duds for dudes - Perfect coordination

We are talking, of course, about color and pattern coordination here. It doesn't mean that you have to swath yourself in lime green from head to toe or that everything you have on must have stripes or windowpanes. Truly great outfits pull their colors and patterns together in a much more subtle way.

First, we start with a good neutral - in this case a very basic gray pinstripe suit. The beauty of gray is that it is a much more versatile neutral than black and doesn't rob your more sophisticated colors of their subtlety.

Next, we have a white pinstripe shirt a pale blue and pale green stripe pattern. Because the distance between the stripes varies, it creates a different visual effect compared to a regular pinstripe shirt, although that would work too. The two colors of the stripes make it possible to go green, blue or both with the accessories.

...Which is exactly what we do here! The the tie and the pocket square are not striped, but they work because their colors coordinate with the suit and the shirt. The pocket square is gray, blue and green dots and the tie is paisley in the same colors. Because both the suit and the shirt are very visually subdued they create a perfect backdrop for the pocket square and especially for the complicated tie without looking messy.

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