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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today... things are not the same

Making a point of expressing yourself well is not the same as showing off or trying to "stick it" to someone. It has to do with the love of the language and the refusal to surrender the uniquely human ability for the spoken word to the LOL and WTF culture.

Dressing well and looking good, even when no one is watching, is not about being a snob or a designer-label and plastic surgery obsessed fashion sheep. It is about acknowledging that your inner and outer selves are one and the same, and learning to express your personality through the way you dress and carry yourself.

Having a clean house and an orderly desk is not the same as being dull and uninspiring. It's about refusing to carry out your life and work in a mess, and wanting to live in an environment that drives and inspires you. It's also enjoying being at home and never having a moment's panic when someone wants to come visit. It's about being one of those places, where friends and loved ones want to come back over and over again, because they can relax and feel good.

Being considerate of other people's opinion is not the same as being everyone's doormat and having no mind of your own. We none of us live in a vacuum. We have mentors and tutors, people who have walked the difficult path we have yet to explore, people who really do no better. Following their advice and guidance, listening to their opinions is not weakness - it is learning. Having the humility to submit oneself to a wiser individual is one of the toughest strongest things any of us will ever do in life.

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