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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mama Masha's kitchen - Masters of disguise

Those who follow this page regularly have no doubt noticed how often I emphasize the importance of the ingredients that create a kind of foundation for just about any dish: rice, pasta, potatoes. In the summer, pasta and potatoes in particular pull double duty because they can be eaten both hot and cold. And so I thought – why not put together a kind of reference guide that allows you to tweak recipes this way and that and create something that tastes a little different each time.

So here we are! I hope I have taught you well enough to figure out how much of what do you need. Vegetarians can use this by leaving out the protein. All these dishes are best when mixed well and chilled for at least a couple of hours. And don’t be afraid to swap, mix and match the ingredients your own way – it’s all good fun!

All of the above can be served with:

• Steak

• Burgers

• Hot dogs

• Polish smoked sausage

• Jambalaya

• Cole slaw

• Mac n’ cheese

• Fish (baked, grilled or fried)

• Home fries

• Chicken (grilled, rotisserie or fried)

• Corn on the cob (boiled or grilled)

• A few other things I can’t think of right at the moment.

Pick two or three options – and you’ve got your summer dinner. Happy cooking!

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