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Monday, October 28, 2013

A shout-out to my fellow analysts

My fellow analysts,

I know this job can really suck at times. Most people think what you do is boring. It's grueling. It's very taxing mentally. It's frequently thankless. But I urge you to keep at it. All of you - from the smallest criminal statistics group to FBI, CIA, and NSA. Keep at it.

When your analysis serves as a foundation for nailing a racketeering ring, but your manager gets the credit. Keep at it. When some jerk spills classified information and is called a hero, and you are called a coward. Keep at it. When something goes wrong, and your group is blamed, and no one can remember all the issues that you helped avert. Keep at it.

It takes a certain kind of person to be an analyst. You have to have a mind like a steel trap - scientific enough to have the savvy for the mathematical and logical aspects of the analysis, and creative enough to think of various scenarios and their interpretations. You have to have the mental stamina of a scientist and often the physical stamina of an athlete, because that privacy event, or money laundering scheme, or terrorist cell, or suspicious transaction activity don't give a hoot that you have to eat and sleep sometime. And you have to have a deep love of and commitment to what is considered one of the most boring activities in the world - staring at numbers day in and day out. Keep at it.

Your eyes will get bleary. Your head will feel like a beehive. Your back will get sore. Keep at it.

Almost no one will know what you do every day, why it is important, and why they should be thankful - whether it is making sure people's payments get processed on time, or whether it is protecting their privacy, or whether it is shutting down a meth lab because you nailed their money laundering transactions. Keep at it.

You are brilliant. Your mind is one in thousands, possibly in tens of thousands. Your job demands as much. Keep at it. And tomorrow? Even when people are complaining, accusing, pointing fingers, or are just plain being oblivious and ungrateful for what you do? Get up, get back to it, and keep at it. Because you understand why it's necessary. And that is enough.

Your sincerely,

Maria K. (Maria Kuroshchepova, Operations research analyst for Bank of America wholesale lockbox reporting and analytics)

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