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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mama Masha's kitchen - Snacky Sunday

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to start a new food tradition at our house. We call it "Snacky Sunday". No fixed, ordinary meals are served, but rather, small plates of various snacks are prepared and set out through the course of the day. They might or might not include something like, say, a potato or a pasta salad that can be chilled and eaten as leftovers through the rest of the week. But otherwise, it's all sorts of small finger foods.

The advantage of Snacky Sunday is - it can be extrapolated to any day of the week and any number of people. So it's not just a fun way to wrap up the weekend, but also a great formula for entertaining.

Here are the snacks we have tried so far (in various quantities and combinations):

- Caprese (home-grown basil and home-grown cherry or Roma tomatoes, on toothpicks with small bits of mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar).

- Crabmeat bites (unfortunately, we can't afford real crabmeat, but the fake stuff can be pretty good too. We serve it chilled with some good cocktail sauce on the side.)

- Home-made chicken tenders (chicken tenders dipped in egg spiced with Tony Chachere's spice n' herbs seasoning, then in Panko crumbs and fried or baked).

- Home fried (potato wedges treated about the same as home-made chicken tenders).

- Sweet and salty sticks (bits of smoked sausage on toothpicks with gently sauteed dates).

- Home-made pickles (dill and bread-and-butter cucumber slices, pickled squash, hearts of palm).

- Radish revelry (large radishes with centers hollowed out, filled with butter or yogurt, sprinkled with coarse applewood smoked salt)

- Sangria Maria (any leftover fruit mixed with red wine and flavored seltzer)

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