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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Artist interview - Kat Knutsen

As I contemplated, which one of my fabulously creative friends to interview next, I had to remind myself that I should not be focusing just on the writing community. I know actors, I know artists, I know jewelry makers, I know singers... The sky is the limit!

With that thought in mind, I reached out to the incredible Kat Knutsen. Just to get this straight: it is not that I do not admire Kat's initial career choice - nursing. However, looking at her work, I cannot help but feel elated that she decided to switch majors and became an artist instead.

As you go through Kat's work, you may feel as if you are faced with a gallery compiled by several different artists. That is understandable, as Kat is still very young (the kid is in her early twenties), very prolific and is still looking for her own style. You may run into a Salvador Dali-like phantasmagoria, or find yourself in the middle of what looks like an illustration to a Charles Dickens novel. There are nods to the fantasy artists and the contemporary eye-puzzle creators. And yet... there are also objects and faces, blended and combined in ways you can honestly say you have not seen before. They come alive on their canvasses - vibrant and three-dimensional, familiar and startlingly different at the same time.

I had the fun and the privilege to be Kat's "photo-model", meaning that I sent her a photo and she created a painting based on it. Once again, I was awed by her ability to take an image and turn it into something else entirely, while keeping it recognizable. It was an awesome experience and I strongly suggest that you get into Kat's good graces and do a portrait with her too - it is bound to be unexpected!

You can see Kat's work in person at Grinfactor in Charlotte, NC, and Artworks on Main in Hendersonville, NC. You can also visit with her at Deviant Art and at My Art Space websites.

Here is a glimpse into the mind of this fabulous young artist.

Your chief characteristic: I am unwilling to give up. I care.

Your main fault: My reasoning can be black and white.

Your favorite qualities in a man: Punctuality, honesty, intelligence, uplifting, reliable in his word, persevering, funny, he has a mind of his own, doesn’t bend too far to please others, smiles a lot, has a passion about life, admired by others, sexy, getting lost in his eyes, has street smarts, makes back up plans.

Your favorite qualities in a woman: honesty, punctuality, perseverance, funny, intelligence, uplifting, surprising

What do you appreciate the most in your friends? I appreciate it when they surprise me and do things I thought they’d never do (for the better) whether it be for me or for them. I appreciate watching my loved ones grow into more wonderful people. I really appreciate when they are able to pull me out of the studio and make me socialize.

Your favorite occupation: I love an occupation that would include teaching young people how to think for themselves and reason with the facts they have been forced to memorize in this crazy education system now a days.

Your idea of misery: Oh, to not be able to pursue your goals. What is the point of living if it is full of mendacity?

Your idea of happiness: To wake up, understand the value of capability and be able to check off that list I make every day. To be able to give my sweetheart a hug and kiss every day. To be able to spend hours every day investigating how I can create a better message of understanding and coherence for society.

If not yourself, who would you be? I would be my sister. She has three sons. Every day, I am more and more impressed with what it takes for her to raise THREE BOYS.

Where would you like to live? New York, NY or London, UK

Your favorite heroes in fiction? Han Solo, he was mortal with a hilarious and sarcastic twist. (My parents MADE me watch Star Wars and Star Trek growing up.)

Your favorite heroes in real life? Teresa Knutsen(mother), Charles Kelly(biology professor/friend), Gary Karriker(weight training coach), Ed Burnam(figure drawing/printmaking professor), Dr. William Butler (neurosurgeon at Mass. General)

What do you hate the most? I really dislike excuses and when people complain, but don’t do anything about it.

The natural talent you'd like to be gifted with? Speed reading, and retaining it all.

What is your present state of mind? Determined. I am have a weird streak about me that causes me to perform better when I am really pissed off.

Your personal motto? “Always operate with the three P’s : Patience, Passion, Perserverance.” And “Time will pass whether you like it or not. What will you have done to show for it?"


Sunsets and Sunrises said...

This is very nice Katherine.

Kreativekitty said...

Thank you Woman of Life. Perhaps you would like your portrait painted someday. I have been studying narrative paintings more and more lately.